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Travel Documents

Don’t forget to bring the necessary documentation to fly. Find out more about the essential details you will require to travel to your destination and take into account our recommendations to avoid any unforeseen circumstance.

Necessary documentation

Necessary documentation

All our passengers, including children and babies, must provide a valid passport to board one of our flights. In any case, and as indicated in our General Terms and Conditions, it is the passenger who must make sure what additional documents they may need to travel in accordance with their specific situation. For this reason, we recommend that if you have any doubts in this regard, you check with the Embassy or Consulate of your country or the country you are going to visit.

Passengers from the Dominican Republic are recommended to carry their Dominican passport at all times, regardless of whether they have another valid European Union passport. This is due to the fact that, on many occasions, carrying it eliminates travel requirements that would otherwise be applicable to you, such as visas etc.

Note that for passengers who are not nationals of the country or who do not have accredited residence status in it and who are travelling as tourists to certain destinations outside the European Union, it may be an enforceable requirement to show at the point of departure the corresponding return ticket or onward flight ticket within the maximum period permitted for tourists to stay, in accordance with the various regulations of each country. Consult with your agency when making your booking.

If you are Dominican, your child is a minor and you are going to take a flight outside the country, keep in mind that you have to comply with the migration requirements to obtain an exit permit for minors https://www.migracion.gob.do/Menu/Index/30