Wamos Air

Premium Package

Wamos Air’s Premium Package service will allow you to enjoy a new travel experience. Discover the advantages of this service and make the most of your flights while enjoying a holiday in style. Travel in Economy Class with the advantages of Business Class and don’t miss the opportunity to make your journey a memorable experience.

What we do?

Our Premium Package is an exclusively customer-oriented service, the purpose of which is to allow passengers to enjoy a unique flying experience with priority check-in and premium meal service. You can access these services through your original reservation by adding the Premium Package option. The only prerequisite is that you have an existing seat reservation.


Priority baggage check at Business Class counters.


With our Premium Package, you will enjoy Premium meal and bar service onboard.


Choose your seats quickly and conveniently with our platform.

Notice the difference

At Wamos Air, we strive to provide all passengers with maximum comfort. With that goal in mind, we created our Premium Package service, so Economy Class passengers can also enjoy the finest amenities and comforts during their flight.

If you’re interested in experiencing a Business Class service in Economy Class, choose our Premium Package and enjoy the variety of in-flight services provided. Discover a new experience with Wamos Air's Premium Package.