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All the information you need to know about the luggage you can carry with Wamos Air, as well as the unpermitted luggage and information on luggage incidents.

Hand Luggage

Hand Luggage
  • In the cabin, you can carry 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 8 kg, with maximum dimensions of 56x45x25 cm.
  • These conditions are subject to availability of space.
  • At the boarding gate, hand luggage that breaches the company’s regulations, that is to say, which exceeds the stipulated amount, weight and or measurements (56x45x25), will have an additional cost of €70 per bag.

Checked Luggage

Checked Luggage

With Wamos Air, on flights operated with B747, you can check in up to 40 kg of luggage in tourist class and 60 kg in Business class as well as being able to take your golf equipment free of charge. On flights operated with A330, the baggage allowance will be 23 kg. in tourist class and 60 kg. in Business class.

The maximum admissible weight for each item is 32 kg, based on the normal occupational health and safety regulations of the different airports and agents handling your luggage.

Babies of up to 2 years old (INF) travelling without a seat have an allowance of one 20 kg piece of luggage plus a fully folding cradle or baby chair.

Additional Luggage

Additional Luggage

If you want extra luggage in addition to your free allowance, book the “Additional luggage” service now on this website during your booking process or in the “Bookings management” section if you have already completed your purchase. We remind you that you can also call our Call Centre +34 912181539 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

*1 additional suitcase of up to 23 kg

  • Call Centre or via the website: €50
  • Airport: €70

*1 additional suitcase of up to 32 kg

  • Call Centre or via the website: €100
  • Airport: €120

If you exceed the contracted luggage allowance, you must pay €10/additional kg up to a maximum of 80 kg total luggage per passenger.

Contact us to find out all our offers and we will be delighted to resolve all your doubts.

Special Luggage

Special Luggage

Musical Instrument

You can carry it as hand luggage provided that it does not exceed the maximum weight of 8 kg in accordance with the space available.

Guitars, cellos and instruments of similar dimensions must be checked in at the check-in desk and will travel in the aircraft's hold.

If you want to carry your guitar, cello or instrument of similar dimensions in the aircraft’s cabin, you must purchase an additional seat to transport them.

Unpermitted Luggage

Unpermitted Luggage

Products Prohibited in Hand Luggage

For security reasons, there are a number of objects that are prohibited in the cabin of an aircraft. Therefore, they must be checked in as hold luggage (provided that their transportation in the aircraft's hold is not also prohibited). These prohibited objects include:

  • Liquids: the amount of liquids or substances of a similar consistency that passengers can carry with them as they pass through the security controls of EU airports is restricted.
  • Firearms or weapons in general.
  • Weapons or sharp or edged objects.
  • Blunt instruments.
  • Explosive and flammable substances.
  • Chemical and poisonous substances.

The security staff may refuse access to the boarding area and the cabin of an aircraft if you are in possession of an article that, even if it is not considered prohibited, arouses suspicion.

Products prohibited in hand luggage and checked luggage

Although it may amaze you, some apparently inoffensive products can be dangerous on board a plane if they are included in your luggage, due, for example, to variations in temperature and pressure and the movement of the aircraft. Therefore, for example, you must not carry the following products in your luggage:

  • Explosives (including detonators, fuses, grenades, mines and pyrotechnic products).
  • Gases: propane, butane (including small camping gas cylinders).
  • Flammable liquids (including petrol and methanol, paints, solvents, glues and lighter refills).
  • Flammable solids and reactive substances (including magnesium, matches and lighters, fireworks and flares).
  • Oxidising agents and organic peroxides (such as bleach and abrasives).
  • Toxic and infectious substances (rat poison, infected blood, etc.).
  • Radioactive material (including isotopes for medical or commercial use).
  • Corrosives (such as mercury and car batteries).
  • Parts for a motor that have contained fuel.

The list of prohibited items is available at the airport at the check-in desks.

Below, you can find several links with exhaustive information on the items whose transportation as hand luggage and/or hold luggage is prohibited or restricted.

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

During Take-Off and Landing…

  • All small devices transported in the cabin, such as mobile phones, tablets, portable video consoles, music players, etc. must be switched off.
  • The larger devices must remain completely switched off and stored in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front.


Electronic devices transported in the checked luggage must be completely switched off.

During the Flight…

You can use the electronic devices presented in the previous section by activating AIRPLANE MODE. In case of doubt, consult our crew.

What electronic devices are prohibited on board?

Following the existing Regulations on the transportation of lithium batteries and certain electronic devices (power banks, drones, electronic cigarettes, medical devices, etc.) as well as the IATA Recommendations, there are certain items whose transportation is prohibited or subject to special conditions. You can consult what they are and what limitations they have via the following link:

We will all work together for a safer flight!

Fragile, perishable or valuable luggage

Fragile, perishable or valuable luggage

The Company will not accept liability for the possible damage that may be suffered by fragile checked objects (glass bottles, paintings, crafts, delicate objects, etc.), perishable checked objects, cash, currencies, jewellery, works of art, precious metals, silverware, certificates or other valuable objects, expensive garments, optical and/or electronic instruments, cameras of all types, musical instruments, tool boxes, business documents, marketable securities, samples and shares, passports and other documents, any valuable object badly packaged sporting equipment, beyond the legally established limits. Passengers may apply a higher liability limit by making a special declaration at check-in at the latest and paying a surcharge.

If you want to check luggage on which you want to make any declaration of special value on any Wamos Air flight, you must proceed in accordance with the following rules:

  • You must notify Wamos Air or the tour operator through the travel agency of your intention so that Wamos Air receives the request by letter or email indicating the details of the passenger, flight and luggage to be declared with at least 48 hours’ notice.
  • You must also show up with the sufficient notice permitting the formalities detailed below and in any case over 210 min. before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • To avail this service, it will be necessary to have and present the original receipts of the items it is wished to state under this modality, in order to objectively evidence their real value.
  • After checking in the luggage and as an essential requirement, you must proceed to open the luggage in the presence of the staff designated by Wamos Air to verify the presence of the stated objects in the amount and conditions indicated, as well as that their characteristics match exactly.
  • Subsequently, you must proceed to lock it with a key, padlock and/or combination lock in the presence of the staff designated by Wamos Air.
  • The delivery of the luggage must be made in person and directly by the passenger themselves.
  • The admissible limits must be at least XDR 1,000 (<> 1.200 EUR) pero no superar en ningún caso los 5.000 USD o cambio equivalente.
  • The provision of that service will entail the collection of 15% of the special value declared, within the previously stated limits.
  • Luggage with declaration of special value may not be checked in in the event that it must be transferred to a connecting flight to be transported by another airline. For these cases, the passenger must re-check in the luggage with the other company on the stopover.

Luggage incident

Luggage incident

Loss or misplacement

  • If your luggage has been lost, before leaving the arrival airport’s baggage claim hall, you must fill in a property irregularity report (P.I.R.) in the arrival airport to start the search.
  • Go to the Wamos Air Lost and Found office or to your handling agent (Iberia in Madrid, Menzies in Cancun, Swissport/AVIAM in Punta Cana and ECASA in Varadero).
  • Additionally, they will give you a letter with instructions and explanations on what to do from this point.
  • As soon as your luggage is located, you will be informed via telephone on the number recorded on the property irregularity report (P.I.R.).
  • The arrival airport manages the search for the luggage during the five days (inclusive) after the P.I.R. date; after this date, our luggage centre will manage the search and your claim.


  • If your suitcase/s suffer/s damage affecting its/their function of protecting the contents, you must fill in a property irregularity report (P.I.R.) in the Wamos Air Lost and Found office or with your airport handling agent (Iberia in Madrid, Menzies in Cancun and Swissport in Punta Cana).
  • We remind you that, in accordance with the Regulation, we do not compensate for dents, scratches, stains, broken handles, straps and/or wheels.

We therefore remind that it is essential that, in case of an incident with checked luggage (loss, delayed delivery or damage), before leaving the airport baggage claim hall, when you re-assume the custody of your luggage, you go to the Incidents desk in that lounge immediately to formulate the corresponding complaint in writing at that time; you must fill in the printout called a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.), a necessary requirement to record the incident that has occurred and for the airline to be able to process the incident.

If the PIR is not formalised, the company will not be able to assume any liability in view of the luggage pursuant to article 31.1 of the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, done in Montreal on 28 May 1999, and article 3.1 of Regulation (EC) no. 2027/97 of the Council, of 9 October 1997.

Sports luggage

Sports luggage

With Wamos Air, bikes, golf clubs, snowboards, surfboards or windsurf boards can be checked in, subject to some considerations.

Take advantage and travel with all your accessories; unlike our competitors, we allow you to include many of them in your luggage allowance for free.

Take into account that the Luggage section of the General Terms and Conditions establishes that the company has the authority to accept or reject a bag due to its weight, configuration or size.

Call now and reserve your space!


You can take your bike on the plane. Remember that they must have only one seat and no engine, and must be prepared to be checked in as hold luggage, and always packaged. To transport them, they must be checked in folded, with the handlebars fixed to the sides, the pedals removed and the tyres deflated and correctly packaged.

They are always treated as excess luggage with a fixed tariff of EUR 75 per leg, exclusively payable in the airport, regardless of the destination.


Skiing equipment consists of a pair of skis or snow bike or snowboard, a pair of poles and a pair of boots. Water skiing equipment consists of a pair of standard-size water skis or slalom water ski.

It forms part of the customer's free allowance provided that it does not exceed the authorised allowance. You only have to pay a charge in the event that you exceed the passenger allowance.


Golf equipment is composed of a bag containing a maximum of 14 clubs, a dozen balls and a pair of golf shoes. Remember that everything must go inside the bag. It forms part of the customer's free allowance provided that it does not exceed the authorised allowance. You only have to pay a charge in the event that you exceed the passenger allowance.

Surfing, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

“Surfing” equipment exclusively consists in a board. “Windsurfing” equipment consists of a board, boom, centreboard, mast and sail. Finally, “kitesurfing” equipment consists of a kite, steering bar, board and lines.

You must reserve space at least 48 hours before checking in. Also remember that it is convenient to turn up to the airport to check in your luggage as early as permitted.

This equipment will always be checked in as excess luggage, regardless of the luggage allowance to which the passenger is entitled. They are always treated as excess luggage with a fixed tariff of EUR 150, exclusively payable in the airport, regardless of the destination.