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ADM Policy

Download PDF format here.

In compliance with IATA Resolution 850M


Unless otherwise specified, Wamos Air will generally issue ADM in all BSP for the following reasons:

  • 1. Unreported sales.
  • 2. Incorrect commission levels.
  • 3. Under collected taxes.
  • 4. Under collections of fares / incorrect fares.
  • 5. Double Refunds – Refunds via BSPlink and manual.
  • 6. Credit card charge backs / Fraudulent use of credit card.
  • 7. Booking classes versus fare basis class as per fare rules.
  • 8. Published fares and/or fare rules not respected.
  • 9. IT fares and/or fare rules not respected.
  • 10. Ticketing deadline violation.
  • 11. Cancellation fees or Administration fees not deducted on refunds.
  • 12. Interline tickets issued when no interline agreement exists.
  • 13. Ticket issued with an OPEN segment status whereas the fare basis does not permit an open segment status.
  • 14. Ticket issued with a segment status NOT CONFIRMED whereas the fare basis demands that all segments be confirmed.
  • 15. Incorrect baggage allowance (kgs or pieces) Baggage allowance obtained with automatic quotation by the system will be used.
  • 16. Passenger elements requirements (APIS Information).
  • 17. Un-ticketed no-show Agents are responsible for cancelling any un-ticketed bookings prior departure. Unwanted bookings are due to cancel before departure if no ticket time limit is provided.
  • 18. All inactive segments with status HX, UN, NO, US and UC must be removed latest 24 hours before departure by agencies.
  • 19. Penalty for not issuing commission CFDI in due time and proper form (only Mexico).

Wamos Air regards all ADM as being disputable but retains the right to issue ADM for the above mentioned anomalies which can only be disputed through correspondence with the airline or its representative.