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Book Seats

If you prefer to sit with your friends and family, you can do it now by booking your seat through this section.

Business Class

Discover the advantages of flying Business Class with Wamos Air.

Premium Package

Discover the advantages of Wamos Air's Premium Package during your trips.

On-board menu

Find out about all the menus you will find on board our planes or select your favourite.


You will find all the entertainment options and other flight features here.

Duty Free

Find out about our catalogue on-line through this section.

Frequently asked questions

Bookings FAQs

You will find all the information on how to make your booking, tickets or flights in this section.

Luggage FAQs

Losses, type of luggage, amount of luggage you can carry on board and more questions about luggage.

Airports and Destinations FAQs

The documentation you must take, travelling with pets and what terminals Wamos Air operates in.

On-Board FAQs

Clear up your doubts with respect to the on-board menu, how to reserve your seat or the Wamos Air services.


Travel Documentation

All the information relating documents that must delivery on the airport before travelling.


Some countries require Advance Passenger Information from airlines before travelling. Find out more here.

Minors travelling alone

Can minors travel alone? Discover the requirements in this section.

Children and Babies

How to travel with babies on board and the characteristics of this type of trips.

Pregnant women

With Wamos Air, you can travel while pregnant following the requirements presented below.


How to travel with animals on board in accordance with needs or pets.

Passengers with Special Requirements

Find out how to manage your booking if you need special resources during your journey here.


Passengers’ Rights

When travelling, you have a series of rights and obligations, consult them here.

Terms and Conditions of Transport

All the information relating to the general terms and conditions of transport.

Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

Find out about our privacy policy, the legal terms and conditions and terms and conditions of use of our website.

Cookie Policy

Cookies guarantee better functioning of the website and services of Wamos Air. Consult the reasons in this section.

ADM Policy

Consult what these policies are and what we use them for here. You can also download all the information here.

Quality and Environment Policy

You can find all our Quality and Environment Policies here.


Hand Luggage

Check the hand luggage you can carry with Wamos Air.

Checked Luggage

With Wamos Air, you can enjoy 40 kg of checked luggage free.

Additional Luggage

Add luggage to your booking from this section and consult the conditions.

Special Luggage

Check in any type of special luggage that meets our requirements.

Unpermitted Luggage

Consult the list of prohibited items you cannot carry with us.

Electronic Devices

Find out about the electronic devices that you can carry on board and how to use them.

Fragile, perishable or valuable luggage

Consult how to carry valuable objects on board and Wamos Air's rules with respect to the transportation of these items.

Luggage Incident

Find out about what to do in case of loss or misplacement of luggage in this section.

Sports Luggage

Travel with your sports luggage on board Wamos Air. Enter here to learn all the details.

Airports Information


Consult the terminals in which Wamos Air operates in Madrid airport.


Consult the terminals in which Wamos Air operates in Cancun airport.


Consult the terminals in which Wamos Air operates in Varadero airport.

Punta Cana

Consult the terminals in which Wamos Air operates in Punta Cana airport.


Covid Measures

All prevention measures taken against Covid-19.


Tariff Terms and Conditions

All the prices for services that Wamos Air offers during its flights.