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Wamos Air is in the process of diversifying its business, with great success. The heart of our business, air transport, continues to grow. In addition to its better-known operations relating to regular flights to Caribbean destinations and points from which its cruises embark, Wamos Air also provides the following additional services:

  • The company operates aircraft in Charter mode, renting out units from its fleet under “Wet Lease” arrangements and operating special ad-hoc and incentive flights, in the latter case especially for private and governmental organisations, which now represents a significant portion of our turnover.
  • Wamos Air offers Charter flights for some of the world’s most significant tour operators and airlines, especially in the Latin American, Spanish, Italian and Scandinavian markets. If you have a destination in mind and a significant passenger volume, do not hesitate to contact us to establish a stable collaboration and incorporate your routes into the set of destinations we fly to from Spain throughout the year.
  • It also carries out both line maintenance on its fleet using its own resources and maintenance for other clients which operate the B747-400, given the experience and capabilities acquired by Wamos Air in its almost 10 years of operation. In this section you will be able to find out about the numerous facets of Aeronautical Maintenance for which you can rely on Wamos Air.
  • La TRTO (Type Rating Training Organisation) es el departamento de Wamos Air especializado en la formación de pilotos en la Habilitación de Tipo B747-400 y el curso de TRI (Type Rating Instructor). Wamos Air se apoya en su TRTO internacional para contar con sus futuros pilotos en operaciones regulares, charter y subcharter.
  • The TRTO (Type Rating Training Organisation) is Wamos Air’s organisation specialised in training pilots in B747-400 Type Rating and the TRI (Type Rating Instructor) course. Wamos Air relies on its international TRTO to ensure its supply of future pilots for regular, charter and subcharter operations.
  • Thanks to the operating efficiency and capacity of our wide-bodied airliners, we increased our turnover from cargo by over 60% last year. Reap the benefits and make Wamos Air your partner for transatlantic shipping.
  • • At Wamos Air we have extensive experience in operation and training consultancy due to the large number of additions to/withdrawals from our fleet aircraft, meaning we need to be highly efficient and rapid in both management and in instruction of future pilots.