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FAQ´S About Wamos Air (Wamos brand)

1. How does Wamos Air sell such economical tickets? Wamos Air is a company incorporating the latest technological and management advances to be able to offer the best prices at all times.

2.How is the ticket price fixed? The ticket price basically depends on two variables: How long in advance you buy and flight occupancy. This means you will be able to buy cheaper the earlier you purchase and that the ticket price will rise as the flight fills up.

3. What does it mean when the fare appears with restrictions/without restrictions? When we talk about fares with restrictions, we are referring to all fares with some kind of limitation in their conditions, which may be regarding changes or refunds. These are normally more economical fares. The majority of fares with restrictions DO NOT PERMIT refunds, returns, changes or they have handling costs associated for services. Fares without restrictions would be all fares permitting changes and refunds. You can check our tariff conditions in the following link.

4. Who is behind Wamos Air? Wamos Air is a Wamos Group company. It was set up in 2003 with the name Pullmantur Air to boost Pullmantur Group’s expansion in the cruise market in Spain. In 2006, the Pullmantur was acquired by a world-leading cruise company, Royal Caribbean Cruises, providing solid support and the drive to lead the continuing expansion of the Group’s business. Since 2014 Andros becomes the largest shareholder of the airline. It is re-branded as Wamos Air and it becomes one of the key legs of  Wamos Group.

5. How can I make a complaint or a suggestion to improve Wamos Air? You can visit our website, www.wamosair.com, or contact us on 902 095512. You can also send us an e-mail to reclamaciones@wamosair.com.