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In this section you can find details related to the travel documents you will need to take with you to fly with Wamos Air and the travel restrictions applying to minors, infants, pregnant women and passengers with reduced mobility, as well as all the restrictions applying to the carriage of domestic animals.

We recommend that you enter this section to resolve any queries on these requirements with sufficient time before your flight, just in case you need to process any additional documentation.



You need to take your Spanish ID card (DNI) or Passport. In any case, and as indicated in our General Terms and Conditions, it is the passengers themselves who must find out what additional documents they may need to travel, depending on their particular situation. For this reason, we recommend that if you have any doubts in this regard, check with your Embassy or Consulate or those of the country you are going to visit.

You can travel within Spanish territory using your valid residence card issued by a Schengen State.

For further information, consult the documentation needed for your journey in our General Terms and Conditions.


Please take particular note that for passengers who are Not Nationals of the country or who do not have accredited residence status in it, travelling as a Tourist to certain destinations Outside the European Community, it is an enforceable requirement to show at the point of departure the corresponding return ticket or onward flight ticket within the maximum period permitted for Tourists to stay, according to the various regulations of each country.

Passengers from the Dominican Republic are recommended to carry their Dominican Passport at all times, regardless of whether or not they carry another valid European Community passport. This is because the Dominican Authorities often demand it, even though there is a Bilateral Agreement in force between the countries.

APIS (Advance Passenger Information)

What is APIS?

APIS is an automated system for collecting data on air passengers traveling from abroad. It aims to improve the safety of international air transport.

If your destination is Cancun, your flight will fly over U.S. airspace where de law requires the following information:

1. Name (at it appears on Passport)

2. Passport Number

3. Passport Country

4. Expiry date of Passport

5. Sex

6. Date of Birth

7. Nationality

8. Country of Residence

9. Alien Registration Number (if applicable)

10. Redress Number (if applicable)

Please note that this information is mandatory and will be sent to the American authorities.

Passengers who will be embarking on a cruise ship, must also provide the name of the ship and the city/state of departure.

How is the data collected?

In order tu save time in the airport on the day of your trip, Wamos Air is pleased to provide a Call Center for your convenience. Call 902 300 747 and provide the requested required information.


Wamos Air as mandated by TSA (USA Transportation Security Administration) requires all its passengers to have APIS data at least 15 days prior to scheduled departure.

If on by side date there are no APIS records provided in its ticket reservation systems, Wamos Air will cancel the related bookings with a full reimbursement.


Menores viajando solos

Minors must carry documentation, Spanish ID card (DNI) or Passport.

  • On European community flights, any minors under 18 years of age who are travelling with their DNI (and not their passport) and who are travelling alone or are accompanied by someone other than their father, mother or legal guardian, will require official authorisation from this latter group.
  • If your child is between 5 and 11 years of age, he or she can travel alone only if you previously complete the Disclaimer of Liability and then contract the Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service. This service can be contracted via our call centre up to 48 hours before flight departure. Wamos Air informs you that this service is not free and is subject to third-party fees. 

Minors of under 5 years of age may not travel alone in any case.


Mujeres Embarazadas

From 4 to 2 weeks before the estimated delivery date, a medical certificate from a gynaecologist will be needed, stating that you can fly. 

Additionally, if you believe that you are not in the best condition to fly, you can consult the airport medical centre. Wamos Air recommends that pregnant women not fly within 7 days before their estimated delivery date or 7 days after delivery. 

We also recommend that babies not travel less than 7 days after their date of birth. 



  • If you bring your own baby carrier, it must be positioned on a seat and the infant will be considered to be occupying a seat for which you will be charged.
  • If you prefer a cot provided by Wamos Air, the infant will not occupy a seat (as the cot is supported against the partition opposite your seat), provided that you previously reserve one of the seats equipped for this  "Reserve your seat". These seats are those shown in blue (FR) on the cabin map. We advise you that this service is subject to the space and configuration of the aircraft scheduled for the flight. Please tell your sales agent or include your request for this service in the “Comments” section. You can also do this through our call centre.
  • One adult may only travel with one infant, due to the attention they need.
  • Fold-up chairs must be presented at Check In for proper labelling. You will be able to take them to the Boarding Gate, where they will be passed to Wamos Air personnel for storage.
  • We allow babies of any age on our flights, although we always recommend that babies do not travel within a period of less than 7 days after their birth and that you consult your paediatrician beforehand.


Animales Domésticos

You can always travel with your pet on Wamos Air.

You will need to request this from your sales agent (telephone or agency) or indicate it in the “Comments” box when booking on-line.

You will need to provide your own box for carriage. Your pet and its transport box will be weighed at check in, where you will need to pay €10/kg.

Wamos Air will insist that you comply with the regulations on transporting animals at all times.

The boarding of animals on flights related to Cruises will be rejected, as they are prohibited on the ships.

A maximum of one per passenger and flight is permitted.

Animals must travel with documents, in the form of a pet passport or veterinary certificate, they must be identified by microchip or tattoo, and must be vaccinated (in certain countries, with antibody titration). You can find further information . here.

When you book or purchase your ticket, whether through the airline or Travel Agency, it is advisable to specify your intent to take a domestic animal on board and find out about the specific conditions for their transport.

Pets in the cabin (only permitted up to 8 kg)

Duly prepared pets may on occasions travel with their owners in the passenger cabin, provided that the passenger attends to their care and transport during the flight and that they do not disturb neighbouring passengers.

It is advisable for the animal to have been bathed before the journey, as it may be rejected if its presence is unpleasant for the rest of the passengers.

Choice of seats in the emergency row to position them will not be permitted, due to the greater space in these rows.

The fee will be fixed according to type of flight: European destinations €50 and €100 Outside Europe, per journey.

Pets in the hold:

Pets will form part of your free baggage allowance and will generate a surcharge per kg if this allowance is exceeded, at the same rate as excess baggage.

Authorisation is always subject to the available space and weight after loading the other passengers’ checked-in baggage and their acceptance is furthermore with limited company liability.

The baskets or cages used to transport them shall be provided by the passengers themselves, taking into account that in addition to being sufficiently solid and strong, they must comply with the technical specifications demanded by IATA and bearing in mind that those considered too small for the animal transported will not be accepted.

The appropriate cage or transport container dimensions must allow the animal to be able to stand without its ears touching the roof and to be able to turn round and lie down comfortably.

It shall have a door and appropriate lock, ensuring that it cannot come open at any time during the journey.

The cage mesh shall not be too open, such that your pet can get its head or nose out, avoiding putting the people responsible for transporting the cage during loading or unloading at risk.

You will also need to ensure that it has a watertight floor to prevent water spills, with absorbent material, and verify that it has good ventilation through its four sides.

It is important that cage ventilation is ensured to prevent your pet from suffering a temperature imbalance or heatstroke due to lack of oxygen.

Finally, do not forget to put on the mandatory identification labels, indicating the correct cage positioning with the corresponding upward arrows and stating that it transports “live animals”, as well as the owner’s or responsible person’s data, address and contact telephone number of their accommodation at their destination.

Guide dogs

Dogs trained as guide dogs to accompany blind passengers may travel in the cabin whenever the passenger in question needs them for orientation to move around and where doing so is possible, except where prohibited by national regulations.

In this case the dog will travel together with the passenger in the place allocated by the crew, so as not take up a place and to travel without hindering the rest of the passengers.

Apart from notifying Wamos Air or your Travel Agency, no formalities are needed in this case. The animal just needs to be duly fitted with a muzzle, collar and lead.

You will not need to pay anything for its transport, either in the cabin or the hold, and there are no restrictions regarding its weight or size.



Since 26 July 2008, the provision of assistance to passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility has ceased to be the responsibility of the airlines and has become the Airport’s responsibility.

  • If you are a person with disabilities or reduced mobility and made your booking by telephone, we will take charge of passing your request to the corresponding airport’s service managers.
  • If you made your booking through the website, you will need to advise us that you are going to fly at least 48 hours before your journey by calling Wamos Air’s Reservation Centre on 902 300 747. We will take charge of passing your request to the corresponding airport’s service managers.

If you prefer, at Spanish Airports, you can reserve assistance at the airport yourself by contacting the Spanish public airport operating body,  Aena by calling the call centre on 902 404 704. Remember that you must notify them with at least 48 hours notice.

Once you have arrived at the airport, you will need to go to one of the established meeting points and request your assistance there. The passenger service managers will accompany you to our check-in counters. Check the map of your departure airport to locate the nearest meeting point.

Remember that you must arrive at Wamos Air’s check-in desks at least two hours before your flight departs.