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In addition to covering damage, delays in delivery and losses of baggage for the Company, the service also includes a Telephone Service Centre which attends to passengers’ calls and carries out all the administrative formalities in cases delayed delivery, total loss and damage to baggage (repair or replacement).

It has all the updated information on case status at all times and maintains traceability by means of the Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.), notifying you on your baggage status in real time.

During the first five days after presentation of the P.I.R., it is the Handling Agent that attends to managing the baggage incident from the airport.

For cases of destruction, loss, damage or delay in delivery of checked-in baggage, the insurance contracted covers up to a limit of 1,131 SDR (Special Drawing Rights, €1 ~ 0.85 SDR). This maximum limit has been set for all cases since 30 December 2009, in accordance with the latest inflation review as stipulated by the Montreal Convention.

To open an incident, you always need to provide the P.I.R., which must be filled in at baggage receipt before leaving the airport arrivals hall.

Certain types of damage are not covered and are not the company’s liability, as they occur as a result of ordinary baggage handling in an airport: superficial damage/scratches, cuts, dents or damage to external suitcase accessories, handles, wheels, belts, etc.

In the case of damage to baggage for which, after analysis, repair is authorised, our Insurance has agreements with several specialised shops in each Spanish province to which the claimant will be directed for repairs.

For an economic claim through the Telephone Service Centre, a variety of documentation will need to be presented, such as: a copy of the P.I.R., copy of your boarding card, baggage claim slip, detailed list of contents and receipts for the items claimed, as well as the claimant’s bank data.

To claim for damage, you have a period of 7 days to claim from the time the P.I.R. was lodged at the airport.

For delayed delivery, 21 days are available after making out the P.I.R., after which time it would be considered a loss.

The contact telephone number for the Baggage Telephone Service Centre is 902 570285 for national calls and +34 91 5368443 for international calls, within the following 48 hours. Apartado de Correos 36.178. 28020 MADRID, SPAIN E-mail address: pm_telex@europ-assistance.es