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Increased baggage allowance

Flying Business Class with Wamos Air is a guarantee of quality and convenience.So, we offer you the chance to check in up to 60 kg of baggage free (*) in Business Class, twice the usual weight with any other airline!
Remember, everything fits in the Jumbo Jet. Now you do not need to decide what to take or not to take. With Wamos Air you will always be able to take a full suitcase, without suffering disagreeable and costly surcharges for excess baggage.

The maximum permissible weight for each item is 32 kg, based on the usual occupational health and safety regulations of the various airports and baggage handling agents.

If you wish to take more baggage, you will be charged €10/kg for excess baggage up to a maximum permitted total of 80 kg per person. If a given item exceeds that weight, it must be divided between other additional cases.

(*) Only applicable to transoceanic flights (Punta Cana / Cancún). On European flights the free baggage allowance is the standard: 20 kg if you travel Tourist Class, 30 kg if you travel Business Class.